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DELIVERY_STATUS webhook payload. Sent to your webhook url endpoint via HTTP POST when an email delivery status is created. This could be a successful delivery or a delivery failure.


Name Type Description Notes
MessageId string Idempotent message ID. Store this ID locally or in a database to prevent message duplication.
WebhookId Guid ID of webhook entity being triggered
EventName string Name of the event type webhook is being triggered for.
WebhookName string Name of the webhook being triggered [optional]
Id Guid ID of delivery status
UserId Guid User ID of event
SentId Guid? ID of sent email [optional]
RemoteMtaIp string IP address of the remote Mail Transfer Agent [optional]
InboxId Guid? Id of the inbox [optional]
ReportingMta string Mail Transfer Agent reporting delivery status [optional]
Recipients List Recipients for delivery [optional]
SmtpResponse string SMTP server response message [optional]
SmtpStatusCode int? SMTP server status [optional]
ProcessingTimeMillis long? Time in milliseconds for delivery processing [optional]
Received DateTime? Time event was received [optional]
Subject string Email subject [optional]

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