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BOUNCE webhook payload. Sent to your webhook url endpoint via HTTP POST when an email bounced or was rejected by a recipient. Save the recipients to a ban list on your server and avoid emailing them again. It is recommended you also listen to the BOUNCE_RECIPIENT payload.


Name Type Description Notes
MessageId string Idempotent message ID. Store this ID locally or in a database to prevent message duplication.
WebhookId Guid ID of webhook entity being triggered
EventName string Name of the event type webhook is being triggered for.
WebhookName string Name of the webhook being triggered [optional]
BounceId Guid ID of the bounce email record. Use the ID with the bounce controller to view more information
SentToRecipients List Email sent to recipients [optional]
Sender string Sender causing bounce
BounceRecipients List Email addresses that resulted in a bounce or email being rejected. Please save these recipients and avoid emailing them in the future to maintain your reputation. [optional]

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