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Name Type Description Notes
Id string
UserId string
Domain string Custom domain name
VerificationToken string Verification tokens
DkimTokens []string Unique token DKIM tokens
IsVerified bool Whether domain has been verified or not. If the domain is not verified after 72 hours there is most likely an issue with the domains DNS records.
DomainNameRecords []DomainNameRecord List of DNS domain name records (C, MX, TXT) etc that you must add to the DNS server associated with your domain provider.
CatchAllInboxId Pointer to string The optional catch all inbox that will receive emails sent to the domain that cannot be matched. [optional]
CreatedAt time.Time
UpdatedAt time.Time
DomainType string Type of domain. Dictates type of inbox that can be created with domain. HTTP means inboxes are processed using SES while SMTP inboxes use a custom SMTP mail server. SMTP does not support sending so use HTTP for sending emails.

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