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Interface: MatchOptions

Optional filter for matching emails based on fields. For instance filter results to only include emails whose SUBJECT value does CONTAIN given match value. An example payload would be { matches: [{ field: 'SUBJECT', should: 'CONTAIN', value: 'Welcome' }] }. You can also pass conditions such as HAS_ATTACHMENT. If you wish to extract regex matches inside the email content see the getEmailContentMatch method in the EmailController.


interface MatchOptions

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Optional conditions: ConditionOption[]

Zero or more conditions such as { condition: 'HAS_ATTACHMENTS', value: 'TRUE' }. Note the values are the strings TRUE|FALSE not booleans.

memberof MatchOptions


Optional matches: MatchOption[]

Zero or more match options such as { field: 'SUBJECT', should: 'CONTAIN', value: 'Welcome' }. Options are additive so if one does not match the email is excluded from results

memberof MatchOptions