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Load the model package

use MailSlurp::Object::WebhookDeliveryStatusPayload;


Name Type Description Notes
message_id string Idempotent message ID. Store this ID locally or in a database to prevent message duplication.
webhook_id string ID of webhook entity being triggered
event_name string Name of the event type webhook is being triggered for.
webhook_name string Name of the webhook being triggered [optional]
id string ID of delivery status
user_id string User ID of event
sent_id string ID of sent email [optional]
remote_mta_ip string IP address of the remote Mail Transfer Agent [optional]
inbox_id string Id of the inbox [optional]
reporting_mta string Mail Transfer Agent reporting delivery status [optional]
recipients ARRAY[string] Recipients for delivery [optional]
smtp_response string SMTP server response message [optional]
smtp_status_code int SMTP server status [optional]
processing_time_millis int Time in milliseconds for delivery processing [optional]
received DateTime Time event was received [optional]
subject string Email subject [optional]

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