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# WaitForConditions


Name Type Description Notes
inbox_id string ID of inbox to search within and apply conditions to. Essentially filtering the emails found to give a count.
count int Number of results that should match conditions. Either exactly or at least this amount based on the countType. If count condition is not met and the timeout has not been reached the waitFor method will retry the operation. [optional]
delay_timeout int Max time in milliseconds to wait between retries if a timeout is specified. [optional]
timeout int Max time in milliseconds to retry the waitFor operation until conditions are met.
unread_only bool Apply conditions only to unread emails. All emails begin with read=false. An email is marked read=true when an EmailDto representation of it has been returned to the user at least once. For example you have called getEmail or waitForLatestEmail etc., or you have viewed the email in the dashboard. [optional]
count_type string How result size should be compared with the expected size. Exactly or at-least matching result? [optional]
matches MailSlurpModelsMatchOption[] Conditions that should be matched for an email to qualify for results. Each condition will be applied in order to each email within an inbox to filter a result list of matching emails you are waiting for. [optional]
sort_direction string Direction to sort matching emails by created time [optional]
since DateTime ISO Date Time earliest time of email to consider. Filter for matching emails that were received after this date [optional]
before DateTime ISO Date Time latest time of email to consider. Filter for matching emails that were received before this date [optional]

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