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BOUNCE webhook payload. Sent to your webhook url endpoint via HTTP POST when an email bounced or was rejected by a recipient. Save the recipients to a ban list on your server and avoid emailing them again. It is recommended you also listen to the BOUNCE_RECIPIENT payload.


Name Type Description Notes
message_id str Idempotent message ID. Store this ID locally or in a database to prevent message duplication.
webhook_id str ID of webhook entity being triggered
event_name str Name of the event type webhook is being triggered for.
webhook_name str Name of the webhook being triggered [optional]
bounce_id str ID of the bounce email record. Use the ID with the bounce controller to view more information
sent_to_recipients list[str] Email sent to recipients [optional]
sender str Sender causing bounce
bounce_recipients list[str] Email addresses that resulted in a bounce or email being rejected. Please save these recipients and avoid emailing them in the future to maintain your reputation. [optional]

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