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Representation of a webhook for an inbox. The URL specified will be using by MailSlurp whenever an email is received by the attached inbox. A webhook entity should have a URL that points to your server. Your server should accept HTTP/S POST requests and return a success 200. MailSlurp will retry your webhooks if they fail. See for the payload schema.


Name Type Description Notes
id str ID of the Webhook
user_id str User ID of the Webhook
basic_auth bool Does webhook expect basic authentication? If true it means you created this webhook with a username and password. MailSlurp will use these in the URL to authenticate itself.
name str Name of the webhook [optional]
inbox_id str The inbox that the Webhook will be triggered by. If null then webhook triggered at account level [optional]
url str URL of your server that the webhook will be sent to. The schema of the JSON that is sent is described by the payloadJsonSchema.
method str HTTP method that your server endpoint must listen for
payload_json_schema str Deprecated. Fetch JSON Schema for webhook using the getJsonSchemaForWebhookPayload method
created_at datetime When the webhook was created
updated_at datetime
event_name str [optional]

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