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Name Type Description Notes
message_id String Idempotent message ID. Store this ID locally or in a database to prevent message duplication.
webhook_id String ID of webhook entity being triggered
event_name String Name of the event type webhook is being triggered for.
webhook_name String Name of the webhook being triggered [optional]
sms_id String ID of SMS message
user_id String User ID of event
phone_number String ID of phone number receiving SMS
to_number String Recipient phone number
from_number String Sender phone number
body String SMS message body
read Boolean SMS has been read

Code Sample

require 'MailSlurpClient'

instance = null,
                                 webhook_id: null,
                                 event_name: null,
                                 webhook_name: null,
                                 sms_id: null,
                                 user_id: null,
                                 phone_number: null,
                                 to_number: null,
                                 from_number: null,
                                 body: null,
                                 read: null)