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Email feature support checker


Test the support of your emails across a range of devices and mail clients. MailSlurp can analyze your emails and detect HTML, CSS, and image features that may not be supported by all email clients. This can help you ensure your emails are compatible with a wide range of devices and mail clients.

How it works

MailSlurp analyzes the content of inbound emails and checks the detected HTML, CSS, Image and other features present in the message against a database of mail clients.

Find feature checker

You can check detected email feature support on the email view page.

Use sidebar1. Use sidebar
Click emails2. Click emails
Click an email3. Click an email

View email feature support

Open an email in the dashboard and click on the HTML/CSS Support tab. You will see a list of detected features and the mail clients that support them.

Access feature support

Interpreting results

The main pie-chart shows the support levels for the detected features across a range of selected platforms, families, and mail client versions.

Feature percentages

Below this main figure is a list of detected features with an explanation of what they are and the mail clients that support them.

Feature percentages

Filtering results

You can filter the support results by platform, family, and version. This can help you see how support varies across different devices and mail clients.

Detected features

You can filter the support results based on whether they are supported, partially supported, unknown, or not supported.

Detected features


You can filter by clients such as Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail.

Feature percentages


You can filter by platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS and web browsers.

Feature platforms

View email feature support in code

const { result } = await mailslurp.emailController.checkEmailBodyFeatureSupport({
expect(result.featurePercentages.find(it => it.status === EmailFeatureSupportStatusPercentageStatusEnum.SUPPORTED)?.percentage).toBeGreaterThan(50)