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Quick start

What is MailSlurp?

MailSlurp is an API platform for building SMS and email applications, automations, and integration tests. With MailSlurp you can create real mailboxes and phone numbers then control them in code, tests, and interactive dashboards.

Accessing MailSlurp

There are many ways to access MailSlurp:

You'll need a free account and API Key.


MailSlurp has many features including:

Let us cover some main features and get up and running with email and SMS.

Create a free account

  • Open the web app and create an account
  • Login to the dashboard and access your API Key
Open dashboard

Add emails to your project

MailSlurp works with just about any language or framework.

If you prefer a point and click no-code environment use the dashboard instead.

Select an integration

Select an SDK library to configure MailSlurp in your project. See the examples page for project starters.

Create your first inbox

Create a test mailbox with a randomly assigned email address:


To create phone numbers see the TXT/SMS guide. For custom email addresses use domain.

Send a test email

Now test the mailbox by sending an email to it from itself.


Use wait methods to receive the email

A unique feature of MailSlurp is the ability to wait for matching emails to arrive in an inbox. Let's do that:


If the inbox already contains a matching email it will be returned immediately, otherwise the method will wait until the condition is met. Here we use unreadOnly to ensure that already existing emails in the inbox are ignored. See the wait methods for more examples or the webhooks guide to receive emails at scale directly to your server while avoiding long-polling

List the emails in an inbox and delete


See the inbox guide for more options.

Add phones to your account

SMS based workflows can be configured in MailSlurp by adding phone numbers to your account.

Create a phone number

Phone numbers must be created in the dashboard:

Create phone

Send a test SMS message


Wait for a matching TXT


List messages


See the phone guide for more options.

Features overview

MailSlurp has many features. These include inbox auto-replies, forwarding rules, routing rule-sets, email masking and more. Let's go over some common use cases.