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disposable inboxes

MailSlurp inboxes are email addresses. Inboxes can be permanent or disposable. They can have randomly assigned addresses or use custom email domains.

Inboxes are a base entity that can have other features like webhooks, routing rules, forwarding, and SMTP/IMAP access configured using their ID.

Inbox overview

Inboxes are email mailboxes that have an ID, email address and other properties.


Inboxes can send and receive emails and attachments. They can be created and managed using the dashboard or API clients

Creating inboxes

Inboxes can be configured in the MailSlurp dasbhoard or using the API.


The default SDK create action will create an HTTP inbox with a randomly assigned email addresses.


You can create more complex examples by passing inbox configuration options.

See inbox creation options.


Types of inbox

Inboxes can be either HTTP or SMTP mailboxes. Use HTTP unless you need direct SMTP or IMAP access.

Using custom addresses

To assign a custom email address to an inbox you must use a custom domain. You can use a short email address by with the useShortAddress option.


Virtual inboxes

You can create mail traps using the virtual flag. This means the inbox will never send out-bound emails. It will instead save a sent message but not send the email to any recipients.



Inboxes can be made ephemeral using the expiresIn or expiresAt properties. All paid plans use permanent inboxes by default.


All create options

For all inbox creation options see the CreateInboxDto schema in your integration:


Fetching inboxes

email api

You can list and fetch inboxes using the API.

Listing inboxes

Inbox results are paginated. Pass a starting index and page size to paginate results.


Get an inbox by ID

Inboxes can be fetched using their ID.


Delete an inbox

You can delete inboxes using the ID.


Fetch emails in an inbox

Emails can be fetched for an inbox.


We will cover more email methods on the email page.