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Custom domains

Custom domains allow your to create email addresses on your own domain name (such as This is useful for testing and production applications and is highly recommended when sending emails to real customers. Using a custom domain rate improves deliverability and reduces the chance of emails being marked as spam.

Managing domains

To manage custom domains you can use the MailSlurp dashboard domain page.

Find domains in dashboard

You can create and manage domains in the MailSlurp dashboard then use them with your API integrations.

Use sidebar1. Use sidebar
Click inboxes2. Click inboxes
Click domains3. Click domains

Creating domains

To create a custom domain make sure your plan supports domains then navigate to the domains section via the inboxes sidebar link.

create custom domain

Ensure you have registered your domain name with a domain registrar first then enter the details into the form. You will need to add a DNS record to your domain to verify ownership. This is covered in the next step.

Verifying domains

To use your domain with MailSlurp you must verify ownership. This is done by adding a DNS record to your domain. The DNS records must all be added exactly as shown on the domain page.

create custom domain

Adding DNS records

On the domain overview page you will see a table with DNS records. You must add these DNS records to your domain registrar DNS settings.

** This is an example. Use the unique records provided by the dashboard **

create custom domain

It can take up to 72 hours for DNS changes to be recognized. Reload the domain overview page to check your domain verification status.

Creating custom email addresses

To use your domain with inboxes navigate to the inbox creation page and select the custom domain option. You can then select the domain you want to use from the dropdown and add a local address part as a prefix.

create custom domain

Catch all inboxes

When you create a custom domains a wild card catch all inbox is also created. Catch-all email addresse match all emails that are not addressed to a specific inbox. You can the access the inbox via the domain object in the API or dashboard and use it like a regular inbox with forwarding, auto-replies, rulesets, and webhooks.

const domains = await mailslurp.domainController.getDomains();
const desiredDomain = domains.find(
(d) => d.domainType === DomainPreviewDomainTypeEnum.SMTP_DOMAIN
const catchAllInboxId = desiredDomain!.catchAllInboxId;

Using domains with the API

You can use custom domains with the MailSlurp API. Once your domain is verified you can create inboxes using the domain in an address like so:

await mailslurp.inboxController.createInbox({
emailAddress: ''